Thursday, 9 February 2012

The big project

When we first bought our home, way back in 2004, we knew that the layout was not the best. However at the time, it fit the bill - we had our own roof, average sized rooms, a larger than average master bedroom, a bathroom and a spare toilet (however no en-suite), we knew the neighbourhood well, etc.

Then in November 2010 we had our first child - a daughter - and the 130 square meter apartment now feels too small. The layout is odd. A lot of space can't be utilised. Short of selling and buying somewhere else, we're opting for alterations - major ones for that matter - to the existing building.

Current plan of building with some of the proposed alterations

At the moment we are waiting for our perit to finish the new site plan before requesting permission for development to the environment and planning authority.

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